Training in Creativity Techniques

Internal company training

Formation intra-entrepriseA program of modules personalized for your whole team delivered within the framework of a seminar or training course. The overall program is designed and developed according to the company (number of participants, strategic objectives, level of familiarity with creativity, etc).

Areas of action
• Development of creative potential
• Introduction to CPS
• Training to facilitate groups, with personal coaching

• Acquisition of a common language and tools for developing collective intelligence
• Integration of efficient techniques for fostering innovation
• Creation of an inspirational climate that can open up an individual’s creative potential


Inter-company training

Some of Colette Chambon’s works with Isabelle Jacob at the IRIS Centre:

The keys to functioning creatively/strong> Goals
Be more creative in your daily professional or personal life in order to:
• Resolve problems
• Participate constructively in meetings
• Develop your projects
• Dare to make suggestions
• Run groups, meetings and trainings in a more dynamic way
Openness and creative presenceGoals
• Suspend your judgment to sharpen your creativity – and that of others
• Enter a mind frame of curiosity and creative awareness
• Awaken your capacity to randomly explore outside possibilities
• Creatively nourish your relationships with others

For more information and more training works, please consult the training calendar at the IRIS Centre for creativity.