Creative Team Management

Teambuilding seminars

Duration: 1-2 days
We help you outline the overall structure of the seminar, with the following goals in mind:

  • Create a collaborative environment
  • Encourage the use of initiative and creativity
  • Co-develop innovative synergies to help move towards change
  • Involve the teams and boost their engagement

Example of action

  • Assist the finance department of a large industrial group during the reorganization of its collaborative processes, and put in place a new, shared software tool


Facilitation of creative teambuilding

Duration: One half or whole day
We run dynamic and creative sessions for your teams, adapted to your specific business context. These creative teambuilding sessions are designed depending on your issues and the number of participants.

Example of action

  • Facilitation of a half-day teambuilding workshop during a corporate event for a banking institution


Facilitation of collective intelligence processes within large groups

Some members of our team are trained in facilitation techniques designed to foster greater listening and collective intelligence in large groups (World Café processes, Appreciative inquiry, Théorie U). This type of facilitation identifies common values and helps reveal potential resources and ideas to put into action.

Example of action

  • Facilitation of innovative synergies with a group of 60 people from transversal and multicultural teams, over one day.