Résonance – Creative Connections has a range of expertise in running creative workshops, creativity training techniques and qualitative studies.

Our expert network is an enthusiastic and engaged team that draws on its collective intelligence to help your project succeed. The creative methods we deploy have been tested and proven in organizations of all sizes.

Through our work we aim to:
• Analyze and question your current situation to define your vision of the future
• Imagine new ideas that can be transformed into relevant concepts
• Stimulate your employees’ creativity

Using creativity in innovation
We help you solve your innovation challenges using special creativity methodologies: innovation workshops and strategic seminars.
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Creative team management
We offer different types of sessions designed to help improve the efficiency of your teams: teambuilding seminars, creative teambuilding, and facilitation of collaborative intelligence processes in large groups.
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Formation aux techniques de creativite Training in creativity techniques
We train professionals (consultants, managers, etc.) in creativity techniques and Creative Problem Solving (CPS) processes on an internal or inter-company basis.
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Qualitative studies
We assist with your research needs during the preliminary diagnostic stages of your innovation processes. This includes highlighting the elements (facts, data, etc.) that are needed to define the relevant market contexts, trends, and targets.
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