Colette is an ultimate professional who combines rigour and creativity. When she prepares for a project, it is an example of perfection and her analysis of the information brings true insights. It is always a pleasure to work with her and every project is a rewarding experience.
Lana Glazman
Sensory and Consumer Insights, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)


I’ve worked with Colette for many years and have been able to appreciate her numerous skills, from consumer research to facilitation of innovation sessions. Thanks to her sensitivity and her multicultural background as well as her background in psychology, Colette has a unique ability to pinpoint what can’t be seen and grasped at first sight: deep consumer motivations, a brand’s emotional territory, and the dynamic of a group in a creative session. 

In idea generation, Colette takes the group far into new territories but always maintains a keen awareness of what needs to be delivered in the end. She is also a very pragmatic and committed person. I would highly recommend Colette to any professional working in marketing and innovation.
Pierre-Yves Le Guernic
Ancien Vice-Président du planning stratégique de Coty Prestige (ex Lancaster Group)


Colette is a pleasure to work with. I appreciate the mix of strategic rigour and imagination she brings to the design of innovation workshops as well as creative qualitative research. Her facilitation style is sensitive and dynamic, fostering collective intelligence in a group. I recommend her to any professional who needs to stimulate creativity in a team, or generate relevant innovative concepts.
Sylvie Kilduff
Sr Vice President Marketing Bumble & Bumble, Estee Lauder Inc.